Tuesday, June 18, 2013

more dance motion studies

my warmup of today was to do 1 minute silhouette studies from this video
... and heres one more for good measure :)

its a good exercise to just loosen up and quickly spot line of action, gesture, proportion, foreshortening, etc all at the same time. it can get really tiring to constantly be drawing gestures over and over again, so its a good way to inform and build your mental pose library. by doing studies more often, my acting and posing has been getting more natural in my designs and storyboards

and dance videos in particular are great because in the same way we as artists design every shape and line we put on the page, dancers strive for a similar sense of design, clarity, and communication but with their bodies

i love ian eastwoods choreography! its always fresh, its always unique, and its always telling a story

***PLUS im working on some new tutorial/process videos, shout out if youd like to see anything in particular! :)


Tegan Clancy said...

I think thats the best use of Photoshops lens flare I have ever seen :)

Don Flores said...

agreed! love the parallels between dance and (drawn)art. miss ya mang!

samacleod said...

These are super fun and great. You're great dude.

Rayan Redwick said...

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