Friday, May 31, 2013

two more videos!

my director wanted me to help her out with layer comps and streamlining her process in photoshop so i made 2 new tutorial type videos on how i work

layer comps tips from Ian Abando on Vimeo.

general boarding tips from Ian Abando on Vimeo.

and a doodle! since i havent posted anything in a long time
a memory sketch from earlier today, a few of us went out and sketched before lunch and i missed the opportunity to sketch him


Amir Al-Zubi said...

Thaaaaaaaaaaaanks Ian for sharing with us those videos!!!


Gio M. said...

Thanks for sharing your genious bro..

Alberto Gomez said...

Very helpful, Ian. Thanks for sharing.

bozz said...

Very helpful stuff! I'm taking Steven Macleod's storyboarding class and wasn't grasping the concept of layer comps, but your video breaks it down perfectly!

Thanks, Ian!


Chris Jimenez said...

These tutorials are GREAT Ian! Thanks for taking the time and giving back to others. Good man :^)

Rico Jackson said...

Oh IAN! I love these! Good job =]