Saturday, November 10, 2012

CTN preview

the books are in! ill have 100 copies of each at CTN next week. i'll also have a couple prints for sale. i'm super excited to see everyone and to be on the other side of the table for the first time :)

personal sketchbook

character anthology

and a sneak peak from the book :)

i'll be there all 3 days, hopefully i'll see you there! :)


Austin Reinkens said...

hey man love your work! cant wait to meet you! could you put me down for one of the like father like sons? (price permitting)

Andrea Fernandez said...

Hey you're CTN stuff is looking great! Looks like we're gonna have a good aisle :)

Taylor Price said...

Hi Ian! It was so nice to meet you at CTN. I love your work and thank you for the kind words!


Tammy Chang said...

Hi Ian!
It was nice meeting you at CTN.
Keep up the awesome work!

Rico Jackson said...

I'm so sad I wasn't there. I'm diggin that pirate piece.

Tegan Clancy said...

Your work was amazing at CTN, hope the weekend was very successful for you!