Friday, October 19, 2012

forgot to mention... CTN!!! :)

this year (and for my first time ever exhibiting) i'm teaming up with my good friend, the mighty "Sperbernation" to sell some stuff, meet new people, and do that whole ass-kicking/ name-taking thing.. anyway, i'm super excited and nervous to finally be on the other side of the table! if youre attendance this year it would be awesome if you could swing by and exchange high-fives with us (supply is limited to about 1,000 high-fives, so get them while they last!)

i'm putting together my first ever SKETCHBOOK to sell, its about 25 pages chronicling my excursions over the past year or so.

also, im still working on secondary item for sale, but it will either be a short CHARACTER ANTHOLOGY (working-title "like father like son"), a limited series of PRINTS, or both? or neither? or more? maybe some freshly baked cookies?

its all going to be one awesomely spontaneous adventure and i would love for you to partake in it with me :)

(sperbando nation assemble... thank you)


supermonkey said...

yaaay! go Ian

Isaac Orloff Illustration said...

I hope you have this banner printed above your booth

Austin Reinkens said...

I love all your stuff and cant wait to meet you at CTN! I'll also hopefully have some prints/booklets and business cards to sell! cant wait for the experience!