Thursday, February 2, 2012

color! and another one!

soo ive started throwing ideas around in my head about 3 door-to-door salesmen competing for... something.. a pay bonus? a lady? a premiere spot for a bus bench ad? i dunno, just keeping busy on the side

had a lot of fun playing with color on this guy! :)

ive decided to do 2 more to go along with him.. heres 1 of them

and a story(???) beat


Kendra Melton said...

oh shit, it's on! ...oh and these look nice :]

Gio M. said...

Your too good my dude..

Emmanuel Briand said...

Gio M : check

so cool what we have here !! bravo Ian

Dan Seddon said...

These are awesome, I love the silouhette of the second sales man, cant wait to see more from this idea

IAN ABANDO said...

thanks :)

@emmanuel: thanks for stopping by , huuge fan of your work! :D


Nicole Kozak said...

Awesommmmeee! Can't wait to see more :D